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Top 5 reason to choose industrial Solid Roller Shutters

All industrial security shutters contain the same basic element; the cane curtain, guide channels and the box which contains the shaft assembly and motor if it is operated electrically. Guide channel and box sizes are dependent on the size of the opening to be secured and the type of slat used. In practice, choice of cane is driven by these four main factors; size, budget, security and vision level. Below is a list of our popular curtain cane for commercial establishment in ascending price order. Perforated Roller Shutter in London  - Roller Shutters are one of the most versatile door products available for access control to almost all sizes of opening and perfect for covering and securing doorways, windows and other apertures.

A variety of different designs, materials mean prices can vary significantly between industrial roller shutters. For example, a 3m wide shutter around 2.5m high, electrically operated via key switch and in a standard color, could cost anything from £1,500 for a solid steel shutter to over £6,000 for a Secured by Design insurance approved LPCB SR4 rated design.

The reasons why we should use industrial roller shutters are as follows:-

1. Fire Resistant

Being made from hot-dipped galvanized coated steel, not only is roller-shutter doors incredibly durable but they are also highly fire-resistant, making them one of the safest solutions to use in an environment such as kitchens or where a fire barrier is required.

2. Appearance

While some doors can appear heavy and bulky, Roller Shutter Doors in London have an efficient design that is structured yet sleek. Our custom-made roller doors are made from 75mm interlocking laths to form a solid curtain of steel that is not only strong but aesthetically appropriate for an industrial setting. Depending on size and location we offer laths in 18, 20 or 22 gauge lath thickness. Manual or electric operation is an option.

3. Quick Operation

As previously mentioned, roller-shutter doors are specially designed to operate quickly, making them an ideal solution for fast-paced environments. Here at Zenith Doors, our roller-shutter industrial doors can be powered by either a three-phase or single-phase electric motor, both with emergency cut-out chains and wall-mounted starters

4. Thorough Insulation

Good insulation is essential, especially for those in the food industry who need to maintain a chilled environment to keep their products fresh. Not only do roller insulated shutter doors have a quick operation time that helps to maintain a constant temperature, but they only open as high as required, meaning there is less room for air to escape and drafts to flow through.

5. Security

Finally, roller-shutter doors are one of the safest options when it comes to security. With fast movement, these doors function quickly, meaning they can be opened or closed in an instant to provide protection fast. Additionally, being made of steel ensures a durable and hardwearing barrier that would be incredibly difficult to break through, while secure locks deliver maximum security when closed.

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